Over 160 Ukrainian People Have Been Placed in hosted Families Here in Mallorca.



What support do we give?

  • Match Hosts and families seeking shelter to the best of our ability
  • Food Banks (Groceries, Meat, Dry Food) for families
  • Clothes bank
  • Assistance with legal paperwork NIEs, Access to health care etc
  • Information Center providing contacts for dentist, healthcare, transportation and translation services.
  • A hub where Mallorca residents who can provide assistance can register.
  • A central hub where needs can be assessed and supported.
  • Providing full and free internet access.
  • A familiar place to socialize and share information and experiences.

       A UR Mallorca Community Centre Offering the following Services 



Are Mothers and Children


Are Vulnerable single women travelers 


Are Men that are difficult to place

For Every one family we can place 15 go unplaced. There is a saying that there is safety in numbers the hard truth is the more you are the harder it is to place families. Mums Grandparents, sisters and children often travel together for security and safety. Having travelled for days sometimes weeks to reach Mallorca.

On arrival we try to place these families together but finding accommodation or vacant housing / hotels that can keep them together is always difficult. Once again these families go through heartache as they realize they must once again be split from loved ones and pets. 

UR Mallorca needs host Families and friends to welcome these people who are suffering unbearable pain and keep them together in our own social circles for their mental well being.