How can you get involved ?

If you have a few hours to spare why not volunteer your time into something that will put a smile on yours and our families faces. 

We need people just like you to help our hosts with a number of key jobs. 

  • Drop off vital food supplies to a family
  • hunt that elusive toys for a child
  • help keep our center open and ready for new families needing our help
  • take a family out to the park for a few hours
  • cook a family dinner
  • help out with translating C.V so people can find work
  • Sponsor a shop of fresh produce
  • set up a food collection point

So many small and simple tasks can alleviate the stress of both our hosting families and those displaced looking for independence. Something so small as lending your hands can leave a smile on everyone's face. 


UR Mallorca

If you have a spare room, holiday finca or even casita that is sitting empty you could be sheltering a family from the conflict and keeping them safe.

No one is prepared for the changeling role of hosting and no one family is the same however the rewards are greater than you can imagine.  With over four million people having left Ukraine to many countries within Europe and as many as ten million Ukrainians altogether displaced from their homes its time to step in and make a difference. 

I have personally watched children hiding at the sound of an overhead tourist flight, to riding their first bike. Hugged someone who i have only ever chatted to by whatsapp. Cried for those families at home and celebrated birthdays for new family members but what stayed with me it that these people we are seeing on the T.V are YOU AND ME caught in a situation they didn't ask for and fled  with only the cloths they are wearing important documents and of course even the family pet. 

All our hosts are volunteers that have opened up their homes to provide warmth shelter in this unprecedented time. 


We ask all our hosts and Displaced families for as much information as possible 

  1. Where do you live and what facilities are around you?
  2. How many people can you realistically live with in your home?
  3. who is better suited to your environment ?- is it safe for babies
  4. ideally who would you like to help?
  5. Would you take a family unit or even a pet?

What happens when it doesn't work out ?

Unfortunately we do not have a magic solution but we have families volunteering new accommodation all the time. We do our best to aid in offering alternative solutions. However we ask you to be open and honest with your family about how long they can stay for and what is included so that there are no surprises and we can help with translators to ensure that is clear.  Many people want to return as soon as possible or meet displaced family in other areas. Every situation is different from the next. 
How long will it last ? 


No one has an answer for that right now and many people will need to rebuild their lives however UR Mallorca are helping to place people into the workplace where possible, language courses are set up to help integrate families in mallorca, Food and cloths banks are being used to meet they needs and we aim to keep this support going for as long as possible. 
Is there financial aid ?

Right now No there is very limited aid available for families. Every family will receive a card for a 50 euros shop for two people, discount bus travel is available and health care is provided by the EU at all PAC centers. We hope in the coming months we will see more aid. One solution to this is families that can not host but want to help have been alleviating the financial burden with contributions for host families but helping with the electric bill. The more we come together the easier it is.


Find out about events

Pot luck Lunch with Ali 

16-4-22, 01:00 PM

Algaida Crew BBQ 
08-01-2022  02:00 PM


Any Donation big or small is helping secure the next meal, a bottle of formula, support to host families so that this is a sustainable project not just for today but for the weeks and months to come and help rebuild the lives of everyday people fleeing from the conflict in Ukraine